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Better Buds Silverdale

Are you looking for a local dispensary to deliver your high quality cannabis products in Silverdale?


Pelican Delivers is partnered with local dispensaries to bring you the best products from local stores. We are proud to deliver Better Buds products to members of the Silverdale community! No matter what you are looking for, we can bring It right to your front door.

Better Buds is known for producing the highest quality cannabis products. You can get all these products delivered right to your door with ease and convenience!

Silverdale Store

Store Hours

Mon – Sat 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sun 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Phone (360) 286-2354

All the Cannabis Products You Need Delivered Today!

We will deliver your favorite products in a fast and reliable manner.

Looking for the best cannabis products around? We got you!

Better Buds is known for producing premium edibles, cannabis flower, concentrates, topicals, pre-rolls and more and we can bring it all right to your door. They also carry top notch CBD products, including CBD capsules, CBD edibles and gummies, CBD isolate, CBD-infused pre-rolls, topicals and more!

We Got Your Back!


Medical Case Monday

15% OFF
(Medical Items Only)


20% OFF
Entire Store

Wax Wednesday

20% OFF
Cartridges & Wax


20% OFF
Entire Store


15% OFF
7g, 14g & 28g Flower

Saturday & Sunday

15% OFF
Entire Weekend

Happy Hours

15% OFF
8 am – 11 am & 8 pm
Close – Everyday


(No Stacking Discounts)