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More people are using Pelican Delivers every day. Just like Uber Eats and Instacart, Pelican Delivers offers fast, reliable delivery of high-quality products at an affordable cost. People everywhere are catching wind and jumping on the cannabis delivery bandwagon for several reasons…

  1.       Convenience! The number one reason consumers get anything delivered to their door is for convenience. Am I right? Think about it. You’ve had a long day at work and you don’t want to go back out, but you realize you are out of your favorite gummies or cannabis flower. The thought of going to the store feels overwhelming and exhausting. Well…no problem! With Pelican Delivers, all you do is type in the address where you want your products delivered, select a local dispensary, add your products in the cart, pay online and voila! You will have high-quality cannabis products delivered right to your door within 30-45 minutes. I mean…why wouldn’t you do it?
  2.       High-Quality Products Only. Cannabis is one of those things that you want to make sure is high quality. There is nothing worse than buying cannabis flower and having it fall short of our expectations. Pelican Delivers is committed to delivering only the highest quality products to our customers. We partner with the best dispensaries in your area to make sure we consistently deliver the best products to our customers.
  3.       Fast, Reliable Cannabis Delivery Service. We have the industry down and make sure to offer fast and reliable delivery every time. Just like Uber, all our drivers are independent contractors, meaning the only drive and deliver when they want. So, we eliminate burnt out employees. Our pool of drivers is fast, reliable, and ready to bring you your goods!
  4.       Discreet Cannabis Delivery. Not everyone wants their neighbors or community members to know about their personal habits. Our cannabis delivery system provides people a safe way to get their cannabis related products delivered discreetly so they can enjoy their habits privately without nosey neighbors seeing.
  5.       Exceptional Customer Service. At Pelican Delivers, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our customers are everything to us and we strive to ensure their experience exceeds their expectations every time they place an order and receive a delivery. When customers have issues or questions about their deliveries, they can contact us directly for friendly and helpful customer service. Repeat business and customer referrals are everything to us, and our goal is to create a community where cannabis delivery is easy, fast, and enjoyable for everyone!

Ready to Try Us Out?

If you are looking for the best cannabis delivery service online, look no further! We are here to make your cannabis buying experience simple and easy. Once you try our service, we can almost guarantee you won’t go back. Yes, there is something to be said about going into a dispensary, smelling cannabis flower, and learning about the new products. But, if you are on the go or simply looking for a more convenient way to get high quality cannabis products, we got your covered!