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Gone are the days of driving long distance to get to the only smoke shop within miles. Now, there are local dispensaries popping up all over the place making it easier than ever to get quality cannabis products. Take that one step further with Pelican Delivers and have your cannabis products delivered right to your door within 45 minutes!

At Pelican Delivers, we partner with the best local dispensaries in your area to bring you premium cannabis and other related products. In addition to the cannabis flower, we deliver all types of cannabis products. Simply go on our website, enter your address, and choose your local shop. Browse the inventory of products, add whatever you want to your cart, pay with a debit or credit card and your products will be on the way in not time!

So, what types of products do we deliver? Just about anything your local dispensary carries. Here are some of the most ordered products:

1.       Cannabis flower: choose from the best, highest-quality flower offered by your local dispensary.

2.       All types of edibles including gummies, chews, brownies, cookies, and chocolates.

3.       Prerolls for anyone who wants to smoke a joint but doesn’t want the mess of rolling one.

4.       THC infused lemonade.

5.       All types of vaping products.

6.       CBD products such as capsules and CBD tinctures.

No matter what you want, we can get it to you quickly and reliably.